Office Fun

We Like to Have Fun!

Here at Communiqué, we pride ourselves in our work, but we also love to take time to have fun as a team. You can find us out on Laurie’s boat on a sunny afternoon with our clients or battling it out in a ping-pong tournament in the office.

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    Communiqué is a people and puppy friendly workplace. We bring our furry friends into the office whenever we can! The President’s sidekick, Bella, has been Communiqué’s mascot for the last decade! Be sure to stop by our office and meet our furry friends.

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    Our team likes to entertain Thirsty Thursdays and Whiskey Fridays. Let us have you over for a drink!

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    Our newest edition, Pickles, is our Creative Director’s mini shadow!

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    Look at the sweet face on Melissa’s dog Daisy!

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    Maddie’s puppies Teddy & Shaggy!

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    Adrianne’s kitties Fluff and Scrapper!

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