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Gregory J. Hartz, President & CEO
Tompkins Trust Company
“Communiqué Design & Marketing has been a tremendously valuable partner for us. They offer creative ideas on how to communicate with our highly diverse audience and they do the little things that add great value. I feel like they are always thinking about how to help me with my business. I also appreciate their follow-through and ‘get-it-done’ approach.”


Bryan Warren, President
Warren Real Estate
“We’ve been working with Communiqué for several years. We decided to work with them because we were really struck by Laurie Linn’s involvement in the community and her professionalism. She was really innovative and we wanted to see how she could apply that thinking to Warren Real Estate.

We already had a good brand in Ithaca but with Communiqué we are now positioned as a home grown local Ithaca real estate company. Our marketing materials now have a very personal feel to them. We’ve enjoyed working with them and we continue to use their services.”


Larry Baum, President
Computing Center
“We’ve been working with Communiqué for at least the past 14 years. It’s been a long time. We like how collaborative the relationship is, it’s very give and take. We’re not being preached to – “This is what you are going to do” and we don’t tell them “This is what you are going to do for us”. We have the opportunity to explore, discuss, strategize and develop. From that we get great results.

The Computing Center needs to understand the shifting needs of our clients, we have to change as they change, we have to help our clients use technology to leverage their core business strengths. So we are constantly reinventing ourselves. Communiqué has helped us tremendously in this ongoing process.”


Jean McPheeters, Past President
Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce
“Communiqué Design has been an integral part of the Chamber’s success. We have been so fortunate to have Communiqué as our producing partner for five videos showcasing the Chamber. And Communiqué also has designed our logo and much of our collateral material. We also have come to rely on Communiqué’s willingness to help with many community projects.”