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What’s in a name?

Coming to the close of a renaming project we’ve been working on for months now. So much learned and positively reinforced. So many good people involved, this community and is non-profit predisposition gives us a real hope for the future. We’re proud to be involved. This …

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“Human relationships are about communicating. Business jargon should be banished in favor of simple English. Simplicity is a sign of truth and a criterion of beauty. Complexity can be a way of hiding the truth.”

— Helena Rubinstein

How do you say your name?

We sometimes struggle with people pronouncing our company name, usually those unfamiliar with the word communiqué reveal themselves rather quickly. At first glance it can sometimes comes across as kom-you-neek or other more bizarre interpretations. All is forgiven we are not pronunciation police or Francophiles. It’s …

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Marketing vs. Sales

Think about it, you can’t engage in sales without marketing and without marketing you would not generate prospects or leads. Then again, without exceptional sales training and techniques — your closure rate is bound to be at an all-time low. In our experience, marketing is everything …

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