3 Scary Good Tactics to Drive Engagement on Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner, marketers around the country are looking for ways to cash in on this tricky, and sometimes sweet holiday. The festivities that occur on Halloween and throughout the month of October offer unique ways to connect with customers. Whether it be through a company pumpkin carving contest or creating branded candy, Halloween makes it easy to get your company and customers in the spirit of the holiday.

Our list of three scary good tactics to use on Halloween can help make the holiday all the sweeter by driving engagement and connecting with customers.

1. Email Campaign

One tactic that can drive engagement and leverage Halloween is a well-developed email campaign. Sending updates about your business via email is an effective way to share information, so why not use it to your advantage this Halloween!

Many times, businesses use holidays to promote deals on products and services. While you can use this to promote Halloween deals, you can also use emails to promote other things. Consumers tend to look at emails more around holidays in search of bargains, so exposure to email campaigns could see an increase. Whether it’s being used to promote some of your Halloween content or a new blog, using email to reach your customers on Halloween can help you achieve your marketing goals.

2. Update Social Media

Today, content is king more than ever. The good thing about holidays is that they provide you the opportunity to create new and refreshing content based around whatever holiday is coming up. Halloween allows you to get creative with what you do to engage followers.

Ideas range from showing off your office’s decorations to having a company costume contest and allowing your followers to judge who has the best costume. Creating fun or scary graphics can also be an entertaining way to promote your business and will give your typical feed a new look for your followers. With the different options that social media sites have to engage customers (i.e. polls or ratings) it makes it easy to drive engagement.


3. Contests

Using social media to run a contest is another enjoyable way to get customers involved with your brand on Halloween. Asking followers to send pictures of their costumes, treats, or Halloween decorations are all ways to get them to engage with your social channels and making it a contest can help drive more people to get involved. Doing things like offering a discount for best costume or a giveaway for the follower with the best pumpkin carving not only helps people get into the spirit of Halloween but also gets them involved with your business.

Halloween is a spookily good opportunity to engage your followers and spread awareness about your company!

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