5 Reasons You Should Rebrand

Rebranding is never easy, but sometimes completely necessary for some businesses throughout their lifespan. There are many different things that can cause a business to consider rebranding, but some reasons hold more weight than others. It is also important to remember that if you question rebranding, it’s probably a sign that you should look into it. Below are five major signs that your business could use a rebrand.

1. Older Logo


Your company’s logo is a very important image because it not only helps differentiate your company from competitors, but also leaves an impression on consumers. It should be simple yet eye catching, organized, and memorable. Many times, though, businesses think that keeping their logo the same for years promotes a single image and continuity. Although this is true to some extent, trends change. Some colors may fall out of favor or images may look outdated. Updating your logo helps you stay relevant by showing that your company is paying attention to trends and also demonstrates that you can adapt to change. Your logo is crucial to your business’s identity, so ensure it is updated in some way about every 15 years.

2. Change in Leadership


Company hierarchies may change throughout a business’s life and with these changes in leadership come fresh ideas for the organization. Leaders bring in a new identity and can influence change within an organization. Playing into these changes may take form in a rebrand. Working with the leadership of your organization will help mold the new image that they have envisioned for the company.

3. Digital Headaches


In today’s digital market, optimizing all aspects of your business to be suitable for online use is vital to keeping up with competition. In a world where everything is now seemingly online, a business may struggle if it’s not ahead of the digital curve. A good sign that a rebrand may be necessary is if you can’t get your logo to work digitally. Making sure that it appears right on your website, social media, or any other online medium is critical to creating your online image. Rebranding and redesigning your logo can help ensure your organization is digitally optimized.

4. Cohesive Brand Struggle


Rebranding can be a huge undertaking, especially if your business is not cohesive in the first place. Businesses tend to have a few different units that fall under its umbrella and making sure that all of these sub-brands are cohesive is crucial. If consumers don’t see a cohesive image of your brand or it is hard to recognize that different units of your company fall under the same brand umbrella, then it may be time to rebrand with a special focus on continuity and cohesiveness. This could take shape in the form of a universal logo, using the same typography across all media, or using the same color scheme for all of your sub-brands.

5. Changing Markets


Changing markets also provide a challenge for businesses and may demand a rebrand. Keeping up with changes in technology, user experience, and mobile optimization all pose threats to businesses. Rebranding to anticipate market changes such as these will allow your company to reflect the current market trends, express your willingness to adapt, and stimulate growth.


While a rebrand may appear to be challenging, sometimes it is exactly what a company needs to ensure relevance and survival. A rebrand may be needed for a variety of reasons, but the benefits it can have on your organization will be well worth the time and money spent on this endeavor.


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