Before founding Communiqué, one of the most preeminent marketing firms in Ithaca, New York and a certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE), Laurie Linn, had quite an incredible start to her adult life. Born in Marcellus, New York, attending college in Burlington, Vermont, and traveling around the world before settling down in Ithaca, New York, Laurie is quite the inspiration. After college, Laurie spontaneously traveled to the Virgin Islands with no friends, no family, no housing, and no idea what adventures were in store for her.

After graduating from college, Laurie stayed close to campus in Burlington, Vermont and started working at a local restaurant called Carbur’s. Laurie had traveled very little before college, just around the states and attending college only six hours from home. She wanted to see more of the world and experience a new life after her recent graduation. Laurie told her friends she wanted to move somewhere she’d never been before. She let fate decide where she was going to live; she pulled out an atlas, closed her eyes, and placed her finger on the map with the goal of traveling to wherever her finger landed. That place ended up being the Virgin Islands.

Shortly after choosing the Virgin Islands as her new hometown, Laurie packed up her bags and moved to Saint Thomas, which was perfectly placed in between the island of Saint John and Saint Croix, so if needed she could easily travel to neighboring islands. The first night there, she ended up sleeping in the airport hotel since she had no other living accommodations. Despite having no plan of where she would end up living, she felt at home in the Virgin Islands and was still filled with excitement to see where she journey would take her. She then posted flyers around the town in search of a place to live; that’s how she found Captain Brian and Mary.

Brain and Mary were captains of a 54-foot schooner sailboat named The True Love. They were looking to hire crew members and luckily, Laurie had plenty of experience from sailing throughout her whole life. Laurie joined the crew her second day in Saint Thomas and sailed all over the Virgin Islands with Captain Brian and Mary, showing travelers from near and far it’s incredible views.

Laurie moved off The True Love and into an apartment in Red Hook with some new friends, became a certified scuba diving instructor and taught classes at Aqua Action in Secret Harbor, and spent three amazing years exploring in the Virgin Islands before returning to the states. Laure never stopped exploring the outstanding waterfronts New York had to offer, and crazily enough, 25 years after moving from the Virgin Islands, Laurie was exploring Seneca Lake when she spotted a boat that looked eerily similar to The True Love; however, it had a different color hull. After finding the captain of this mysterious vessel, Laurie mentioned to him how she used to be a crew member on a yacht called The True Love which was also a 54-foot schooner. Imagine her surprise when the captain informed her that The True Love had actually painted their hull and moved to Seneca Lake from the Virgin Islands a few years earlier. Laurie felt more in sync with her life than ever before, tying in her love of the islands to New York, where she was both born and raised and settled down.

Despite leaving St. Thomas and all the adventures that awaited her, Laurie’s time in the Virgin Islands is still impacting her till this day. She will forever remember sailing around on The True Love, scuba diving in the incredible island reefs, and meeting spontaneous and carefree people. All the experiences she had traveling around the Virgin Islands alone with no plans made her into the woman she is toady – the outstanding president she is for Communiqué Design & Marketing.

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