Celebrating Adrianne’s One-Year Anniversary with Communiqué

Today we celebrate Adrianne Torea’s one-year anniversary as Content Marketing Manager at Communiqué Design & Marketing!


Adrianne started with us as a fresh graduate from Hobart and William Smith Colleges after majoring in Psychology and Media and Society. Even though she was new to Communiqué, Adrianne was already a marketing dynamo after having internships at Makenzie-Childs in Aurora, NY and Baeble Music in NYC. Her education, experiences, and incredible spirit have brought immense talent and energy to our team. 


Adrianne is a true go-getter and is always the first to volunteer to do something or try something new. When she’s not being a marketing guru, traveling the world, or hanging with her adorable cats, you can find her on the waterfront trail with her new roller skates or running up steep hills in her hometown for local charities.


Not only is she a marketing genius, Adrianne is an incredible co-worker and friend. She is always quick to offer a helping hand, a funny story, or the coolest new song. 


Cheers to a great year with Adrianne! 

Take a look at a Q & A between Adrianne and Maddie:

Q: It’s your one year anniversary at Communiqué….how does it feel?

A: It’s really hard to believe that a year has gone by already…what a year it’s been. I am so grateful for the past year though and I am grateful that Communiqué has given me the opportunity to learn and grow in my professional and personal life. I’ve only been out of college for a year and I feel very ahead of the game because of this job. And it’s really been more than a job…it’s been a year with my new family 😊  The first year out of college is VERY hard…finding out where you belong and what your purpose is…Communiqué gave me purpose.

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Q: How did you first get involved with Communiqué?

A: Well it was probably March / April of 2019 and I was starting my job search….which was terrifying. I thought I HAD to have a good job right out of college…I almost took a job down in NYC that started the day after graduation. I was not ready for that. I knew I wanted to stay local and I’ve always loved Ithaca so much. I had sent my resume to Communiqué early in my job hunt and Laurie said she would keep it on file….I figured there was no chance so I just kept looking elsewhere. One day I got an email that changed everything….it was Laurie asking if I was still interested in working at Communiqué. I said YES ABSOLUTELY! And here I am, one year later.


Q: What are some of the most important things you’ve learned over the past year (either about yourself or the marketing world)?

A: I’ve learned that asking questions is important…wanting criticism is important….and ALWAYS learning is key. The marketing world is constantly evolving so it’s crucial that I never stop learning myself.


Q: What are some of your favorite Communiqué team memories?

 A: My birthday was a pretty big highlight…the team went all out. Maddie surprised me with balloons and mimosas…Tim brought me a nice greasy breakfast sandwich (my favorite)…and then we all got sushi together for lunch! It was a blast. And there are countless lunch adventures that involve donuts and Tj Maxx 😊


Q: What was your favorite project to work on over the past year?

 A: It was early into the year but I really loved putting together and promoting Airport Community Day / Runway 5k. It was so meaningful to bring the community together, especially since I’ve always had ties to aviation. I also loved promoting the Fab5 awards and recognizing young professionals that are doing great things in this community. I got to surprise all the winners with Maddie which was lots of fun.

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Q: Looking back, do you see any significant changes in the marketing landscape over the past year?

A: I’ve seen social media become more powerful than ever, especially during a global pandemic. Communication is everything.


Q: What is your proudest accomplishment/moment of the year?

A: Events are very complicated and take a TON of work to pull off…I did a lot of planning and promoting of Airport Community Day and the Fab5 Awards (with the help of committees)…I was absolutely exhausted after both events but I felt so accomplished because they were both very successful.


Q: Describe what Communiqué means to you in 15 words or less

A: Communiqué is the opportunity to be creative and innovative with a constant support system.


Q: What would your theme song be for this past year?

A: My theme song would probably be Clarity by Kim Petras….because I played this song / Kim Petras a ton in the office this past year.


Q: How did you balance working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic?

A: My team really held me accountable and I also worked on a lot of projects that I was very passionate about, which made it easy to stay focused. I also took up running, which helped me break up the day and stay energized.


Q: What’s a secret skill people don’t know about you?

A: Hmm…well I use to be VERY into CrossFit…so I can do a lot of fitness stuff like double unders (when the jump rope goes under you twice while you’re in the air), rope climbs, lots of Olympic lifts…I think those can be considered skills? I’ve also recently taken up roller skating which I’m pretty skilled at because I use to figure skate when I was a kid.


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Q: If you could have any super power, what would it be?

A: Teleportation so then I can sleep in longer and just teleport to work


Q: What are some of your plans for the next year?

A: Well now that I’ve been doing all this running I’d like to actually run a race…perhaps a 10K or half marathon.



Q: If you could celebrate your one-year anniversary in any way, what would you want to do?

A: What a silly question…obviously I’d want to get sushi for lunch, donuts for dessert and then Tj Maxx while we digest 😊  Or maybe sit outside at Luna because that’s where we had lunch on my second day. But sadly that isn’t possible.

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Q: What TV or movie character do you relate to the most?

A: Trinity from The Matrix…she’s such a badass. And she loves Neo and I also love Neo.


Q: Have you ever been told you look like a famous person? If so, who?

A: Well Maddie thinks I look like Jessica Biel so we’ll go with that.

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