With Women’s History Month coming to an end this past week, we would like to celebrate the women of Communiqué for their individual triumphs as well as team successes. From music to horseback riding to traveling the world, the women of Communiqué are multi talented and unique.

Risk Taking

Starting a business is no easy feat. When Laurie Linn founded Communiqué over 26 years ago, she knew it would be tough. But Laurie is not shy on taking risks. She pushed the boundaries of the marketing world with both her quirky style and bright energy. She is a big fan of the idea that “a dream becomes a reality when you put a date on it.” Now in it’s 26th year of operation, Communiqué is a certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise and has grown to serve a number of clients both locally and nationwide. Throughout the years, the addition of Katie and Cassi to the team has brought even more success and brilliance to Communiqué.

Differing Opinions

The ideas and opinions of each team member are an important part of how Communiqué is able to achieve its goals. Their own experiences have influenced their ways of thinking and their own styles of work. Katie advises to push oneself past any walls. “Don’t put up barriers for yourself. If you don’t know, find out!” Instead of letting what you don’t know scare you, just put your mind to it and put in the effort to learn. You can accomplish anything if you stay motivated and passionate. Cassi has a similar way of thinking, and believes in the importance of following what’s right for ​you​. In today’s day and age, you don’t have to follow the traditional paths that exist. Even if it might not make sense in the beginning, you still have the ability to create your own. There are so many ways to connect different fields or ways to incorporate your passions into your work. Cassi believes you will be much happier in the end if you do so.


This idea of blending passions is part of what led Cassi to the marketing world and to Communiqué. Coming from an ad agency in Boston, Cassi was drawn to the creative aspect of Communiqué’s business. She feels that she is able to connect her passion for music and art to her work in marketing. “Both music and marketing involve art, because art is in everything you see in media and marketing.” There is a message behind both. Just like in performing, marketing involves using creativity to speak to your audience.


In an interesting way, Katie finds that her passion for traveling influenced her marketing skills and her interest in blogging and writing. While living and exploring in New Zealand, she started up her Instagram account and began a travel blog to document her experiences. She finds that this all contributes to her marketing endeavors. Katie believes that traveling helps you to connect with different cultures and people, “which is the underlying theme of marketing.” Traveling helps you to gain new perspectives of the world, which has an effect on your way of thinking about marketing. From traveling around Europe after college to living in different places, Laurie shares a similar passion for seeing the world. She enjoys being outdoors and spending time with family and friends, which is something that has influenced the culture at Communiqué.

Innovation and Individuality

This idea of keeping a good balance is something that the team feels strongly about. For Katie, that means being able to put time into her hobbies outside of work like horseback riding, hiking, and playing music and for Cassi, it includes starring in musicals. Laurie is very involved in the community as well, often volunteering her time in order to influence others. She has aligned herself with local organizations and initiatives that she finds valuable, and has found herself in multiple leadership roles. This balance of work and community involvement is reflected in the environment at Communiqué. The team encourages each other’s hobbies and unique qualities. Communiqué embraces individuality and welcomes innovation, which is something to continue striving for.

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