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At Communiqué Design & Marketing, we believe ideation and creativity is a process. It is a collaboration between our team and our client. We try to make it as easy and efficient as possible to deliver the best ideas, solutions, and results for everyone. A favorite quote of Communiqué President and CEO Laurie Linn is that “creativity is intelligence having fun”. We fully believe that our most creative moments happen when we all put our brains together, maybe get a little silly, and work out creative ideas. This is especially true for our beloved brainstorm sessions.

Check out more details about our creative process below:

Step 1: The Brainstorm


After we have received direction from the client, we typically start with a quick and fun brainstorming session. We try to keep this group activity light and inviting so each member of the team feels comfortable sharing their thoughts and suggestions. There are no “dumb” ideas because a word, a setence, or a phrase might jog someone else’s thought process and together we are able to generate innovative ideas. During this time, someone usually writes these ideas on our giant whiteboard so we can visualize them. Tim Youngs, Creative Director at Communiqué says “I like to sketch out some of our ideas during this process because it’s a great way to see everything come alive. It’s a really exciting part of our process.”

Once we feel we have generated some really good ideas, someone will type up the notes and share them with the group. We usually think about them for a day or two and come back as a group and weed out the ones we don’t like. From there, we will take our top three, four, or five choices and move to the creative phase. Melissa Sprole, Graphic Designer shares “I enjoy getting together with my team and brainstorming concepts for a project. With all of our heads together, we can narrow our ideas down to a solid concept that we know our client will love.”

Step 2: The Creative

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Once we have a concise list of themes or concepts, Tim or Melissa (and sometimes both!) will take the ideas and put together some creative options. 

Tim and Melissa are both genius creatives and are able to take the ideas we had brainstormed and make them come alive. On this part of the process, Melissa said “I start the creative by setting up a blank canvas so I can imagine the layout of a project. I will test out multiple options until I narrow it down to a couple of options, then I will continue developing the designs from there.”

Throughout their creative process, they will either bounce ideas off of each other or ask the entire team for their input and ideas. “Sometimes I need a fresh set of eyes on a project to gain a new perspective. My team provides great insight into what’s working and even other directions we can take a project in. It is truly a group effort and it’s important to have everyone on the same page.”

Once they are content with their designs, we meet again as a team to review what we like and don’t like. This conversation is critical because it is important to have fresh eyes on a project to gain new perspectives. After this review session, Tim and Melissa will solidify the designs and we are ready to bring our ideas to the client.

Step 3: The Pitch

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Throughout the process, we creatively meet the marketing objective for the client as well as make suggestions along the way, leading to the pitch. This is one of the most exciting parts of the creative process because this is when we get to share our ideas and thought process with the client. This meeting is incredibly valuable because it allows us to gain insight into what the client likes or dislikes about the product and how we can make it everything they want it to be. According to Melissa “when pitching my idea to the client, I am always open to their feedback. My priority is to make a successful design that is exactly what our client is looking for, and it is always satisfying to meet this goal.”

From this meeting, we take the client’s feedback and make any necessary revisions to the design.

Step 4: The Final Creative

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After we have made the edits to the designs, we share it again with the client and once we have satisfied their desires, we are left with a finished product that our client and team are proud of. 

“Seeing a project come to life from an early brainstorming session to the final project that our client is happy with and excited about is one of the most fulfilling aspects of my job,” shared Tim. “I love when they love what we have all created together.”

Creativity is one of the building blocks of ideation and innovation and at Communiqué, we have a plethora of creative talent. Our streamlined process ensures strategic communication with and input from clients throughout the creative journey to ensure satisfaction. 

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