Communiqué: How it Started

As we celebrate 30 years in business, I am excited to share our origin story of how Communiqué came to be back in 1991 (hint, it all started with a song).


I’ve had a lot of fun building the Communiqué brand, which was greatly influenced by time spent listening to the British rock band Dire Straights who skyrocketed up the charts from 1977-1995. Their song, Communiqué, came out in 1979, which was the year I graduated from high school, and is one of my favorites. The strong chorus repeats several times, communication, communiqué…not only did I love the song, but I loved that line: communication, communiqué! I looked up the origin of Communiqué which is; French from originally past participle of communiquér to announce, “to communicate” from Latin communicare impart, inform, to communicate. Borrowing from the French, communiqué (something communicated).  It seemed to make total sense to me, a communiqué to the right stakeholders and target audiences can change the world, build a brand, endorse a product or service, or influence cultural change.  It was a perfect brand name to build on.

After choosing the name, I then had to create a logo and a tagline which would help support the brand as well as provide a visual icon to represent and position the brand in the market.  The answer seemed simple; a graphic eye as sight is the visual aspect of communication. The tagline needed to talk about what we do as well as provide personality and thus “Ideas at Work” was conceptualized.

To this day we have the same name, logo, and tagline. Our brand is timeless. It helps differentiate Communiqué and makes us the business we are today.


So there you have it, the story of how a brand was born and a company called Communiqué was started in the winter months of January 1991 with a song for inspiration!

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