Communiqué President Laurie Linn Reflects on Thirty Years in Business


2021 is a huge year for Communiqué Design & Marketing as we celebrate 30 years in business. I am thrilled, proud, and humbled to experience this milestone and want to take some time to reflect on the last thirty years and explain how we got to where we are today.


Starting a new business from the ground up is anything but easy. It takes courage, commitment, and an entrepreneurial spirit that has the staying power everyday to say, “I think I can!”. It starts with a positive attitude and a willingness to take risks and work hard.


My father always said “if things don’t work out, you did not fail, you just didn’t get it right the first time!”. Fine tuning, readjusting, rethinking strategy, and leveraging opportunities are an everyday process. You must always be looking forward, learning from the past, and staying present. Being complacent and waiting for business to come to you are not options. You have to earn it, respect it, and build integrity around every relationship you create.


In my opinion, you must also have a fluid strategy in place and that is how you build a strong brand in the marketplace, which is something Communiqué has done. Communiqué is highly regarded as one of the most experienced, talented, and innovative brands in the Finger Lakes Region, which I am so proud of.


Communiqué is a full-service integrated marketing agency, which is a rarity among today’s many niche and specialized agencies. We have remained an integrated firm by design because we believe that marketing is everything you do and because it allows us to offer a well-rounded variety of services to our clients and community. Furthermore, we believe a diversified team that can look at all aspects of marketing, communications, sales, product diversification, and customer service is how integration truly comes together; not from one specialized piece of scope. Everything must come together to build a successful business.


The past 30 years have taught me many valuable lessons; both marketing and life specific. Thank you for being a part of Communiqué’s journey and cheers to the next chapter!

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