Communiqué’s Thanksgiving Favorites

Thanksgiving is known for the copious amount of food that is shared amongst family and friends. This holiday is celebrated around the country and known for bringing people together. So, that’s what we did at Communiqué to discuss what our favorite Thanksgiving foods are. Here are the results:

Laurie, who is a pescatarian, meaning that she doesn’t eat meat other than fish, has a special place in her heart for stuffing. Particularly her mother’s recipe that includes walnuts instead of meat. This twist on traditional stuffing not only sounds interesting but is also tasty! There are so many different combinations of things you can try with Thanksgiving recipes especially with stuffing.

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Next up is Tim who loves a tasty twist on traditional turkey. Instead of baking the turkey, which can lead to the meat being dry, Tim and his nephew opt to deep fry their turkey in order to help maintain the meat’s moisture and provide added taste. Only attempt to deep fry a turkey if you are a trained professional like Tim.

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Maddie is known for her love of ranch dressing. One would think that her favorite Thanksgiving dish would have something to do with ranch, no? In fact, Maddie is not even a huge fan of Thanksgiving food. Instead she favors the wine that is found around her holiday celebrations. The libations of the day make up for the food in Maddie’s opinion.

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Jamal has an interesting stance on his favorite Thanksgiving dishes as his family has multiple cultural influences. Due to his family’s dynamic, Jamal has two favorite dishes including mac n cheese and homemade Spanish rice.

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Up next is Collin who is a potato connoisseur with a fine taste for quality mashed potatoes. He is a big fan of his mom’s mashed potato recipe which consists of finely whipped potatoes with bacon bits thrown in.

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Adrianne took an alternative route to our Thanksgiving discussion and expressed her least favorite dish. Her great aunt’s cranberry sauce is Adrianne’s least favorite dish as it is described as “tasting like she dumped a bunch of vodka in.”  Everyone still has some though, according to Adrianne.

Cranberry Sauce

Finally, Melissa shared that her favorite Thanksgiving food is smoked ham!

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No matter your taste in food (or wine), Thanksgiving brings people together and all of us here at Communiqué are no different. We hope you have a great holiday and enjoy your favorite Thanksgiving dish!

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