Content marketing may be considered one of the most difficult types of writing. What draws people in? How do you get your point across without being too wordy? How can you write the shortest article while still keeping the reader’s attention? Below are six simple steps to help you fake your way through marketing!

Steal My Attention

Foods That Kills! What Your Doctor Is Hiding From You! 10 Easy Steps To Get Money Without Doing Work! These titles draw you in and make you want to read more. If you create a headline that’s too wordy, the reader will lose interest quicker and most likely stop reading. Keep it short and sweet!

“The Inverted Pyramid”

Following step number one, the “Inverted Pyramid” puts the most important information first. Discuss your main idea to draw readers in, but then, add more information for those who want to continue reading. This way, you are not overloading the beginning of the article with facts and figures.

Words, Words, Words

Wording is one of the most important parts of content marketing. Use words people know in order to avoid confusion. Use metaphors and similes to draw connections for readers in the real world. Use language that shows action, but doesn’t make any promises. The wording can be considered the most critical part of writing for marketing.

Evoke Emotions

Remember the Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign? Or Budweiser’s “Born This Way” Super Bowl commercial? Both of those advertisements and more make the reader, or in this case, the viewer, feel emotional. With those intense feelings, the reader is more prone to remember the campaign and spread it to their friends.

Write for Scanners

If you’ve made it this far in this article, congrats! If you’ve only read the subtitles, you’re probably a scanner. In order to make an article more readable, add subtitles, larger text, and bolded words. This way, a reader who is looking for something in particular, will be able to find it quickly. Also, if your subtitles have intriguing headlines, it will encourage reading for each section as opposed to skipping the end of the article.

The Main Idea

Keep the entire article focused on your main idea. Although you might want to squeeze as much information in as possible, it doesn’t translate well for the reader. Continue referring to the overall topic in order to solidify the main point and ensure the reader finished the article knowing that it was about.




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