Whether you are starting a new business or looking to grow and expand your existing one, social media marketing is imperative for your company. When used correctly, social media can transform your brand and allow you to interact more closely with your audience, while also widening your audience to reach the three billion people using social networking sites. Here are some reasons why social media might be the right move for your business.

1. Brand Awareness

This may seem like an obvious reason, as it is a main focus for why businesses will utilize social media, but it is important, nonetheless. With billions of individuals searching on the web every second of every day, social media platforms are a great way to reach these potential new customers or clients. People are always searching for the latest and greatest, and having your business out there will only help to increase the knowledge of your brand.

2. Humanize

For many people, it is hard to trust a company or business when they don’t have any real-world proof. How is a potential client or customer going to put their trust in your business when they can’t see who you truly are? Social media is a great way to showcase your business and the values that you embrace as a community within your company. People like to relate to other people, and have real human connections, and social media is just the way to achieve that. Take it a step further and showcase your employees and why they enjoy working for you; how do they embrace your company values every day in the workplace? You can even showcase your satisfied customers and clients.

3. Audience and Customer Engagement

Having an active presence on social media platforms gives your company another avenue for directly interacting with customers and clients. Being able to respond to tweets and Facebook messages in real time is just another great aspect of social media. With this customer engagement, you are also able to stay active on comments and have the ability to instantly reply to a complain or address any sort of crisis.

4. Increase Web Traffic

Utilizing social media as a business is an easy way to drive more traffic to your website. Create fun ads and posts to engage your audience and get them interested. You can share new blog posts and other content to your Facebook for even more traffic. The more you share on your social media platforms, the greater chance someone will click on it and share it with their friends.

5. Promote Content/Projects

Social media is also a great way to push your new content or projects out to your current or new audience. Try out a new products, see what your audience thinks and have them give you feedback. Or use it to hype up a new project your business has been working on, and own the project is released, you will have reached double the number of individuals you would have before.

6. Reputation Management

Similar to audience and customer engagement, managing your business’ reputation can be difficult if you are unable to respond personally to each individual regarding every concern. Utilizing social media will also allow your business to improve your customer satisfaction. Identifying and addressing a crisis right away is vital and social media can help you to manage that before the issue escalates. Social media is also a way your business can highlight the positive customer reviews, as well as address the negative ones. If someone is giving your business a lot of praise, be sure to thank them. On the other hand, if an individual is saying something untrue or negative about your business, then address their comment with an understanding tone.

We could go on and on about how important social media has become for companies, and how vital it will continue to be in the future. Every company has different motives and values, and with the help of social media, each company can showcase these differences and shine!

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