As consumers, we tend to have favorite brands for just about everything. From chips to lightbulbs, when we go to the store, we generally know which brand we are buying before even stepping through the door. What do these big name brands do to keep their customers so loyal?

Consumers naturally connect with companies that share their values and tend to continue supporting these businesses.  This is why the idea of a brand community can really make a difference for a business.

A brand community is essentially a community or group of people formed on the basis of attachment to a specific product or service. For many people, brands offer a way to express themselves to others. A brand that matches your beliefs is all the more reason to support that brand and its vision. Whether it’s buying from a company that produces comfortable clothing or supporting local farmers at the farmers market, consumers wear their values on their purchasing sleeves.

Unfortunately, creating a brand community isn’t always the easiest thing to do. But if you are looking to create a loyal community to follow your business, there are a few things you can do to kickstart the process.

1. Sell by Supporting Values



Core Values

The foundation of any brand community is having a set of values or a support system that aligns not only with your business but also the values of your target audience. Do your research. Finding causes to support is the start of building a valued community. Doing so shows that you are not out to just make money, but rather to make a difference.

2. Keep Your Digital Audience in Mind

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After forming your community, it is important to keep them updated on everything that is going on with your business. Creating captivating content that not only promotes your business, but also your values is vital in keeping your brand community engaged with you. Encouraging your community to get involved and keeping content fresh can help keep you and your community relevant.

3. Stay Involved

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From an online perspective, it is essential to keep up with what is going on in your community. Whether it is answering questions or just monitoring what is being talked about, staying in the loop will help community members feel more valued.


4. Promote Offline Activity

Keeping your members involved online is important but being involved in your local communities and promoting your brand community members to collaborate in person is important as well. In a sense, this can give a more human feel to your community.

Building and maintaining strong brand communities through digital and offline engagement is the key to creating a loyal consumer fan base. Try out our four tips for creating these communities to help grow your business and increase your brand loyalty.




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