Communiqué Design and Marketing is looking a little different these days! The Ithaca-based full-service marketing agency recently launched a new website ahead of its thirty-year anniversary.

“We are so thrilled to announce Communiqué’s new website,” states Communiqué Design and Marketing President Laurie Linn. “This was a group effort and the Communiqué team did an exceptional job of communicating what makes Communiqué unique and most qualified as one of the best full-service marketing agencies in the region.”

The previous website was created in 2015 and was outdated. Launching a new site enabled Communiqué to showcase some of its newer work.

Tim Youngs, who has been Communiqué’s Creative Director for over 20 years, is very excited about the new website. Young states “it was really important to update our website as sites typically have a shelf-life of about five years. We have put out a lot of great work in the last few years and being able to showcase it is very satisfying.”

According to Linn, “it is critical for Communiqué to position the company favorably in the always evolving communications industry and updating our website has allowed us to do that.”

The launch of Communiqué’s new website also represents a new chapter for the marketing agency. Earlier this year, the company welcomed two new full-time employees, Content Marketing Manager Adrianne Torea and Communications Manager Maddie Ulrich. Communiqué also added a new Graphic Designer this year, recent Ithaca College graduate Jamal Pratt.

Take a look at the new website and see what Communiqué has been up to!




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