Happy New Year! Now that we have entered a new decade, there are numerous things to reflect on and strive towards to help adapt and change your personality to be the best it can be. This year is about 20/20 vision, seeing and thinking clearer than ever before. With this new crystal-clear mindset, the Communiqué team reflected on 2019 and shared the most important lesson they learned. From general thoughts and appreciations for the new year to goals for the future; everyone at Communiqué has a plan for the next decade. 

Laurie Sm 630x495Laurie

I have gratitude for 2019! The new year started with a lot of staff changes here at Communiqué, and in very quick order, we were able to assemble a new team with great chemistry, work ethic, and positivity! 

Maddie came back to Communiqué after interning with us in 2017. She is now studying for her Masters at the Newhouse School at Syracuse in Communication and brings exceptional talent to Communiqué in the world of public relations, communication, and much more! Next, we have Adrianne! She is a 2019 graduate from Hobart and William Smith, having studied Media and Society and Psychology. Adrianne and Maddie have become great friends and their skillsets are very complimentary. Adrianne brings a world of talent from journalism to video and is a fabulous content developer.

Not soon after Adrianne, Jamal applied for a position at Communiqué as a recent graduate from the Integrated Communications School at Ithaca College. Jamal is great fun and a fabulous artist and graphic designer; he compliments all we do here at Communiqué, plus he wears great shoes! And of course, we would not be the team that we are without our awesome interns.

Collin has been with us for almost two years and he will soon be a graduate of Ithaca College in May of 2020! He has a keen sense of marketing and good taste in craft beer! Melissa is a recent graduate of SUNY Cortland with a degree in New Media Design. Her attention to detail and graphic illustration is incredible and her passion for her work radiates in all she does! Gillian is our legacy intern! She has been interning at Communiqué since she was 15 years old and will soon be a graduate of SUNY Geneseo in Communications and Psychology this May. Gillian will do whatever you throw in front of her. She is so talented on so many fronts and we feel blessed to have had her with us for so many years.

Last and certainly NOT least, I am so grateful for Tim. Tim has been our Creative Director here at Communiqué for almost 20 years. He has developed so many successful campaigns and brands over the years and has made our clients and Communiqué shine! So, for 2019, once again I am grateful for this team, these people and the good work we put out each day. Thank you!

Tim Sm 630x495Tim

One of the most important things I’ve learned—or rather once again hugely reinforced—is the importance of active listening. Which includes coworkers, clients, vendors and anyone in your presence. This last year, I’ve seen the positive response when you step into a conversation with no phone, or other distractions and pay close attention. Then if you ask more questions than give quick loaded answers the result is trust, validation, and the seeds of friendship. Be curious in the new year!

67494231 10219414216610871 1321804106926391296 N 2 E1565728677720 2 E1565728950803Maddie

2019 has definitely been one of the most challenging, yet incredibly rewarding years of my life! I have grown so much personally and in my career. Because it has been such a busy year, I have learned several important lessons. I think one of the biggest things I learned was the importance of doing something even if it’s scary. One intimidating part of the year was starting a new job, but I am so happy I did! I have made such wonderful relationships with my colleagues at Communiqué and within the community that I would not have been able to if I hadn’t taken that step. While I have learned many valuable lessons this year, saying yes to new opportunities, even when they are intimidating, has been one of the greatest things I have learned and accepted. I look forward to doing more of it in 2020!

Editedimg 0004 1 630x495Adrianne

I don’t think I can identify one specific thing so here are a few things I learned… Number one, when in doubt, use Helvetica. Secondly, good communication and collaboration go a long way. There were times when I didn’t know the answer to something right away, but I wasn’t afraid to use the great resources around me to find the answer. Basically, it’s okay to ask for help. On the other hand, I did learn how to teach myself a lot of different things, it just takes a little patience (college can’t prepare you for everything). I also learned that small companies are where it’s at!

A01ab7e1 2e28 45db 8e89 9cd88d9eb82d 630x495Jamal

2019 was a year full of ups and downs for me. For every exciting, generally positive experience there were a few negatives that were essential building blocks in the construction of my own narrative. In 2019, I battled with my own mental health and learned that it’s entirely alright to not have things figured out. A desire for success is salient in American culture but understanding that success does not define my self-worth was a necessity. I learned that it’s okay to feel misunderstood at times because ultimately my shoes were not for other people to walk in. My biggest revelation of 2019 was that the best days of my life haven’t even happened yet!

7ef05f40 6372 4afe B12f 7a593da7cb35Collin

The one thing that I learned while working at Communiqué over the past year is that the marketing firm is still a need in today’s business structure. The combination of strategic marketing with the creative side offers clients a wide range of marketing expertise. There will always be businesses that lack an identity or a path and that’s where marketing firms, small and large, thrive. 

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During my time at Communiqué this year, I learned a lot about the work that goes into developing a company’s branding, an ad campaign, etc. I have learned a lot about the research, brainstorming, gathering resources, and back-and-forth communication with clients that are part of the process of working closely with a client. Sometimes when I see an advertisement, I can imagine the brainstorming sessions and pitches to the client that eventually lead to the final product. I am very thankful for my time at Communiqué, and I am very thankful for everyone’s kindness. You have all taught me so much, and I am looking forward to what 2020 brings!

Profile PictureGillian

Although I didn’t work fully at Communiqué in 2019, my time in the office is always well-spent. Working with Tim, Maddie, and Adrianne at the beginning of summer and over my winter break is always so enjoyable and I continue to learn so much from all of them every day. Every team member at Communiqué brings so much to the table and I am constantly amazed at how well everyone works together. The most important thing I’ve learned at my years working at Communiqué is to never say no. Any project that comes your way is just a chance to learn and increase the scope of what you’re able to do. It’s so important to take every opportunity as it presents itself, you’ll thank yourself in the future. I want to continue this mindset throughout the new year.

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