Before I joined the Communiqué team, I was excited that I got one step closer in answering the one question on many college students’ minds; what am I going to do after I graduate? Once I arrived at Communiqué, I was one step closer to putting together the pieces to the puzzle that is my future.

At this point, I decided that I wanted to have a career where I market the community events that for-profit companies organize. Although I was excited to find a specific field where I would want to work in, I did not know the exact name. On my first day at Communiqué, I was able to put a name to my potential career’s face; community outreach.


Before I tell you how Communiqué helped me on my journey, it would probably help to tell you what community outreach is. Community outreach is interacting with the community by holding events to create public awareness. This has been a vital piece of Communiqué identity as they are constantly involved in the Finger Lakes Community. Evident of both President Laurie Linn’s past and current leadership roles, Communiqué firmly believes that community outreach is the key to any business’s success.

During my time at Communiqué, the team stressed that they wanted to provide me with whatever experience I was looking to get out of my internship. After I told them about this particular interest, Laurie offered to let me accompany her to the non-profit community outreach meetings she attends.

While I was grateful for the opportunity to attend community outreach meetings with Laurie, the Communiqué team invited me to work on a community outreach campaign. Communiqué has provided me with the first-hand experience of the field of community outreach by working on the marketing plan and the core messaging. They have also encouraged and valued my input on any ideas I have.

I am grateful for the opportunities that Communiqué has given me. After identifying my potential career path, I was provided with experience that showed me how I would fare. While I have time before I graduate, I am becoming more and more confident in choosing a career in the field of community-outreach marketing and I have Communiqué to thank.


Jake Ritter, Fall 2015 intern from Ithaca College

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