Sitting Down with Greg Hartz, President & CEO of Tompkins Trust Company

Communiqué Design & Marketing has had the pleasure of working with Tompkins Trust Company, a beloved community bank, for more than a decade. Based on a conversation with Tompkins Trust Company President and CEO Greg Hartz, it is clear that this is a partnership that spans more than just public relations or media buys; it is based on mutual trust, collaboration, and the joint appreciation for community involvement.

Take a look at a Q&A between Maddie and Greg Hartz:

  1. How long have you been working with Communiqué Design & Marketing?

We’ve been working with Communiqué certainly as long as I’ve been the CEO of Tompkins Trust Company. So for at least 14 years; probably more.


  1. In what aspects has Communiqué helped your brand?

Communiqué has been a great partner. I always feel that Communiqué has our (Tompkins Trust Company) best interest in mind and is always thinking creatively. I think Laurie (President and CEO of Communiqué) really understands our business and what we do. Plus she understands what we’re trying to do and who we are trying to reach. So I feel like Communiqué is always thinking creatively about how to achieve our goals.


  1. How would you describe Communiqué in three words?

I would describe Communiqué as being diligent, creative, and connected.


4. In what ways have we met or exceeded your expectations?

Communiqué has certainly met my expectations. I think it’s important to note that one of the greatest things Communiqué brings to the table is an understanding of the local market. For businesses that operate in Tompkins County and even in Central New York, I think Communiqué brings a good understanding of this market and a lot of connections in this market. And that’s why I used the word ‘connected’ in the three words. I think that business is done between people and Communiqué offers a solid understanding of the community in our business and then helping to make those connections has been one of the places where there’s been a real value add. And then I would go back to what I said originally, I think just the constant kind of creativity, always thinking of something new or how we can solve something or how we can make an impact in a particular area.


5. What are the strengths of working with Communiqué?

Definitely the creativity, connectedness, and diligence. Those are all good things. I think dependability too. If Communiqué takes something on, I know with Laurie’s leadership and commitment to delivery, it will get done. I think that’s a pretty strong quality.


  1. How has Communiqué supported TTC’s local marketing outreach?

I think one of the greatest values has been Communiqué’s understanding of the local market as well as its very strong connections. For her entire professional career, Laurie has been very involved with Tompkins County community leaders, and organizations like the Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce, TCAD, the Air Service Bureau, plus so many others. So I think Communiqué’s involvement in the community has really lent itself to establishing a lot of strong connections.


Learn more about Communiqué’s work with Tompkins Trust Company here.



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