Social Media Series Part II: LinkedIn

In Part II of our Social Media Series we will be focusing on LinkedIn. As mentioned in Part I of our series, Facebook is more of a relaxed content space, whereas LinkedIn is best for positioning your business/organization as a thought leader or expert in your industry. On average, the platform sees 310 million users per month and is used by 24% of millennials. LinkedIn’s unique audience also consists of those new to the workforce, established professionals, job seekers, and competitors to your brand. Because of this, it is critical to invest in a strategic presence on this platform.

Check out some of our tips for cultivating a professional LinkedIn presence for your brand:


1. Ensure your information is current.

As we shared with Facebook, ensure your profile picture and cover photo are recent and fit your business’ brand. Additionally, routinely review the information listed in your About Section to make sure it is current so those who are seeking hours of operation or contact information are able to easily find it.

2. Share relevant content.

On LinkedIn, you should share a mix of original and reposted content. Consider sharing photos that positively showcase your team, product, or link to your organization’s blog. Additionally, share content from other credible sources that is relevant to your audience. A great way to find useful content is to set up Google Alerts using keywords in your industry. With these alerts, you can choose how often you receive a list of articles containing the keywords you selected and from that list, share pieces you think your audience should know about. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to re-share posts by thought leaders in your industry. This is a great way to create synergy and connections within the platform.

3. Connect with your team.

Connecting with employees on your LinkedIn business page is a great way to engage with them and their extensive network of connections, which will help grow your network. Invite your staff to follow your page and link their own pages to it to increase your reach.

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