Why Transparency Should be on Every Marketers Agenda

As consumers, we are surrounded by advertising and marketing on a daily basis. We can’t really escape it so we either choose to ignore it or just live with it. But, every now and then, an ad will catch our attention, sometimes even causing us to take action. Unfortunately, sometimes these ads may not be selling exactly what you think they are. This is where transparency in marketing comes into play.


Transparency in business can be defined as how well a business shares its values, culture, strategy, and business processes with key stakeholders such as customers. In marketing, transparency can be described a bit more precisely. Making sure that customers are informed and aware of critical things when you are marketing to them is crucial. Things such as the prices that are set on products, using clear and concise messaging, or simply explaining your business process thoroughly to prospective customers all play an important role in being transparent.


Why Should You Care About Transparency?


As a marketer, transparency should be the first thing that comes to mind when working on a campaign. It’s a good idea to constantly ask yourself: “Is this the clearest messaging I can use?” or “Does this advertisement make any promises that cannot be upheld?”. Creating marketing pieces that are captivating and drive consumer action is the goal of any campaign, but transparency is equally important. Having the trust of your customers should be considered just as valuable as their money. Creating marketing pieces that are transparent will only help gain consumer trust while simultaneously bettering the overall image of a business.

Transparency is Even More Important in the Digital Era

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Transparency is more important now than ever before as technology continues to improve and becomes more regularly available to people globally. Consumers have so many different means of communication to share information about the brands they like and dislike. With social media, blogs, forums, email and more, the possibilities are endless when it comes to consumer communication. This puts more control in the hands of consumers than ever before. In the past, businesses themselves were the sole voice of their brands and had control over their own narratives. If a business is not being transparent with its marketing in today’s world, it will quickly be picked up by consumers and disseminated amongst themselves. Things like not providing hidden costs to consumers can set off a firestorm of bad reviews and diminish the reputation of a business quickly.


Being transparent is crucial in today’s world, especially as the use of digital platforms continues to increase. Gaining and retaining the trust of your customers should be a driving force behind being transparent as well as recognizing that today’s consumers have more power over brands than they have ever had before.

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