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Portfolio » Happy World Emoji Day from Communique!

Ever wonder what emojis describe the Communique team? Well, you’re in luck! Today, July 17th is World Emoji Day! Know why? The calendar emoji on smartphones only have one date: July 17th. So, be sure to update your phone today to get awesome new emojis and keep using your favorites!

Laurie Linn

Communique’s President believes the thumbs up emoji describes her perfectly! Constantly encouraging the staff to do their best and priding them on their work, we are lucky to have such a positive leader to guide us through our business.

Tim Youngs

Our Creative Designer, Tim, picked the straight-faced emoji for what describes him best. On the outside, he might look uninterested, but his brain is constantly moving a mile a minute and always creating outstanding designs!

Katie Shaw

Katie, our Digital and Social Media Manager, loves the sunglasses emoji! Being one of the coolest members of our team, there is no surprise she needs shades to block out how bright her future is.

Cassi Norgaisse

Cassi, our Brand Communications Manager, finds the sassy hand tipping emoji the one that fits her personality most! Being by far our most fierce team member, Cassi stands her own and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.

Ryan Miga

Our new Marketing Associate, Ryan, loves the classic smiley face emoji! This fits his personality and style perfectly, it’s timeless and always a good choice.

Kira Shutowich

Kira, a Communique Intern and recent graduate from Ithaca College, thinks the smiling sun emoji describes her personality the best! Always a joy to be around, Kira brightens everyone’s day and is always in a positive, upbeat mood.

Brenna O’Donnell

Our next Communique Intern from Ithaca College, Brenna, feels the dancing woman emoji describes her best! Constantly bringing the group flare and big ideas, Brenna’s choice seems to fit her perfectly.

Gillian Lindstrom

Gillian, another Intern from SUNY Geneseo, believes the monkey emoji is the best way to describe her! With a bit of mischief and fun, Gillian can handle any task at hand!

Olivia Gage

Olivia, an Intern from Marist College, thinks the happy, hands out emoji describes her personality the best! Olivia handles any task with a smile on her face and a good attitude.

Flavia Chavarria Klaric

Our final member of the team, Flavia, is also an Intern from Ithaca College. She feels the cherry blossom emoji fits her best. With her style and attitude, Flavia is one-of-a kind, just like a flower.

Happy World Emoji Day!