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Portfolio » How do you say your name?

We sometimes struggle with people pronouncing our company name, usually those unfamiliar with the word communiqué reveal themselves rather quickly. At first glance it can sometimes comes across as kom-you-neek or other more bizarre interpretations. All is forgiven we are not pronunciation police or Francophiles.

It’s actually is a fitting name for advertising and marketing firm, the dictionary explains it well: /kəˈmjuːnɪˌkeɪ/ noun 1. an official communication or announcement, esp to the press or public.  Word origin < French: literally, communicated, past participle of communiquer < Latin commūnicāre to communicate

One of the questions we often get asked is where the name came from. Just giving the definition should suffice but that’s not the whole truth. Fortunately it’s a little bit rock and roll. One of the company’s founders was listening to the Dire Straits album of the same name and most likely during the title track the name brilliantly made its way into the new ad agency in town, circa early 1990’s.

Thank you Mark Knopfler.