Arnot Realty sought Communiqué’s help in creating a brand identity, brand standards, and integrated marketing campaign for its newest multi-use development project, Ironworks Ithaca. Arnot Realty is one of the largest real estate developers in the Finger Lakes region and is based out of Horseheads, NY. This project aimed to highlight the iconic significance of the commercial and residential space in the West End of Ithaca while incorporating a modern, unique feel.

As part of the branding strategy, Communiqué created a logo that represented the modern elegance of the space. The logo sought to become an iconic marker in the area; something that is recognizable anywhere. With its bright colors and geometric design, the Ironworks Ithaca logo has become a symbol of the West End and has truly made its mark in the area. In addition to branding, Communiqué also developed and executed a fully integrated marketing campaign that included complete website development, social media content, Google Ads campaigns, graphics, and print and digital advertisements.

The website was created using inspiration from Arnot Realty’s previous spaces, however, it was important to create a unique difference for this site. Functionality played a crucial role in the development of the site. Ensuring that those interested in applying or renting out a space are able to easily maneuver each page and get help when needed. Incorporating the branding elements into the site was also important. Being sure to incorporate the bright colors, same fonts, and gorgeous rendered photos throughout the site lent itself to a vision of what you can imagine for yourself at Ironworks Ithaca.

Communiqué additionally assisted with the development and implementation of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) through Google Ads. This included determining top-performing keywords, writing engaging headlines/descriptions, and monitoring clicks and impressions.

Throughout the process, Communiqué worked with local media outlets to share noteworthy milestones and secure editorials, feature stories, and interviews during the project. Several press releases were developed during the construction period of the building, as well as the opening of the Showroom and the launch of the website.

Following the strategic marketing plan implementation, Communiqué continues to serve as a consultant for Arnot Realty by supporting its brand awareness needs and strategic media ad placements.

Communiqué is proud to have worked with Arnot Realty in preparation for its launch of the new state-of-the-art Ironworks Ithaca apartments and looks forward to our continued collaboration.


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Print Ads

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Digital Ads

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