Cayuga Lake Blueway Trail

In the Spring of 2019, Communiqué began working on an exciting new project with a steering committee of local and state agencies. The goal of the project was to create a sibling brand for the Cayuga Lake Scenic Byway, a picturesque loop surrounding Cayuga Lake. The partner brand called the Cayuga Lake Blueway Trail would provide easy access for paddlers and kayakers to enjoy Cayuga Lake. This new brand identity included an integrated marketing plan consisting of the creation of a logo, a waterproof map, stickers, a brand standards manual, a piece for the brand’s future Partner Program, and finally, a comprehensive and interactive website that would include both the Byway and Blueway trails.

The project began with the development of a logo for the Cayuga Lake Blueway Trail, a partner of the Cayuga Lake Byway brand. The shape and outline of the logos are shared intentionally with both the Blueway and Byway. The colors of the Blueway logo were chosen specifically to represent the deep blues of Cayuga Lake.

During this time, Communiqué also worked closely with the Blueway team to develop a wireframe and design files for the new website that would encompass elements of both the Blueway and Byway. This interactive website was designed and populated by the Communiqué team and featured interactive maps throughout the site. When clicked on, the map would show users specific stops along the trails. As of spring 2020, the new website has officially launched and is being enjoyed by hundreds of users interested in the beauty of the Blueway and Byway trails.

Due to the integrated nature of the project, Communiqué also worked with the committee to create a waterproof sticker showcasing the newly developed brand that could be used on canoes, laptops, or cars.

Another piece of the project was the creation of a waterproof map that paddlers could use while enjoying the Blueway Trail. This multi-paged map provided recommended routes for paddlers as well as safety tips.


Blueway Logo


Bw Web

Waterproof Sticker

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Waterproof Map

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