Pledge 4 Ithaca

PLEDGE4Ithaca was born by President, Laurie Linn at Communiqué D & M Inc. and like-minded leaders in the community to help build awareness and funding around a critical community issue, to support families and children in secondary schools and prevent rape and sexual violence.

The PLEDGE 4 Ithaca campaign is a critically important initiative, bringing light to the unrecognized problem of sexual violence in our elementary, middle and high schools, and to garner the necessary resources and support that will protect children from sexual assault and rape. The national statistics are shocking; one out of every six American women has been a victim of attempted or completed rape. According to and, 44% of sexual assault and rape victims are under the age of 18, 29% of sexual assault and rape victims are ages 12-17, and 15% are under age 12.

Most childhood sexual abuse/assault occurs in a residence; 84% of sexually abused children below the age of 12, and 71% of sexually assaulted children aged 12-17. While we pride ourselves on our highly educated and proactive community, Ithaca is not immune to this devastating problem. Although much has been implemented for sexual violence awareness education and prevention on college campuses, the same is not true for elementary, middle, and high school educators, students and their families. Students in grades K-12 are not being given the information and tools to prevent this from happening to them.

PLEDGE stands for Protect, Learn, Educate, Defend, Guide and Empower. In terms of branding, the design inspiration was a simple white ribbon folded into the shape of the letter 4. We also used video to convey the mission of the campaign, to raise awareness, and encourage others in the community to take the pledge. Communiqué is very proud of this public service campaign and encourage others to get involved.


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