Communiqué has grown its current relationship with CSP Management by ideating and executing new brand standards and a logo for its recently acquired apartment complex in Ithaca, Ridgetop Apartments, formerly known as Fontana Apartments. Located in Collegetown, the apartments are a short walk to campus in an iconic location and provide housing for undergraduate and graduate students.

When creating the new brand, Communiqué intended it to be youthful and appealing to a younger audience while also remaining timeless in the area. To achieve this, Communiqué used a classic bold font paired with geometric graphics to make something simple, contemporary, and bold. The new Ridgetop logo easily identifies the apartments’ location in a minimalistic way by incorporating the three buildings on a slanted hill and will serve as an iconic logo in Collegetown in the future. Following logo development, Communiqué wrote and distributed a press release to announce the new brand identity and encourage the start of leasing.

In addition to creating a brand name and logo, Communiqué developed and launched a visually appealing and user-friendly website utilizing Ridgetop Apartments’ recently developed brand identity. The goal for Ridgetop’s website was to ensure it was not only a timeless product but that it was aesthetically pleasing and easy to operate both internally and externally. Ensuring the functionality of the website is critically important as that is where all of the lead conversions generated by this new space are made. By creating a successful brand identity and launching a new website associated with it, Communique created a strong web presence that assisted CSP’s Ridgetop Apartments with reaching its target audience. Incorporating useful functions, such as forms, click-through links, and open-in-new-window options, made for streamlined use of the website for potential tenants.

To further increase its reach and maximize conversions, Communiqué utilized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through Google Ads to fully maximize the website’s full potential by ensuring relatable keywords and verbiage were used throughout the website copy and advertisements. At first, Communiqué developed a landing page and ran a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign to target students and increase overall form conversions, using a contact form. As the website became more developed, a robust launch of the full website was included in the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign. This included incorporating site link extensions to specific pages, researching top-performing keywords, and monitoring clicks and impressions throughout the launch. Within less than a week, the ad performance had reached over 6,000 impressions.

To prepare for the influx of newly signed leases upon the launch of Ridgetop Apartments, Communiqué designed branded items to give renters as a token of appreciation and mutual excitement for the official opening of Ridgetop Apartments.


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