Coughlin & Gerhart

In the Spring of 2019, law firm Coughlin & Gerhart sought Communiqué’s marketing and consultative services as it began construction of its new Ithaca office, effectively combining three locations under one roof. Throughout construction, we strategically advised Coughlin & Gerhart on branded signage to help clients navigate to their office and provided recommendations for permanent signage on and within their new space. We also created print and radio ads informing the public of Coughlin & Gerhart’s move to its new waterfront location.

Upon the completion of the new office space, we strategically coordinated the official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony involving key stakeholders such as Ithaca City Mayor Svante Myrick, state legislatures, and business leaders within the Tompkins County community. Through the successful dissemination of press releases with our local media partners, we were able gain considerable media attention resulting in high attendance at the event.

New Location Marketing Materials

Radio Ad

Print Ad

Artboard 1

Official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Coughlin & Gerhart Ribbon Cutting, September 2019

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