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One of the secret agendas of the Creative Director is to bring back 1960-70s Swiss style design. The office has more than once heard the rants of legibility, ubiquity and a cohesive system for page layout. We humor him, like a doddering old man talking about the “good old days,” because we value and respect his design sensibility, instincts and superb graphic design. His coercive efforts have intentionally included the (over?) use of Helvetica Neue, fitting all layouts to a grid and vast expanses of white space. This approach produced this delightful little piece of graphic design taking the simplest elements and making them fresh, modern (retro?!) and fun.

Wine Down Wednesday

Our favorite local bistro does happy hour the Finger Lakes way; stop by and join us!

Beer & Food

Sometimes a quick flyer is all you need. In a time crunch for image and concept development we just went with a couple of four letter words. They go well together, both in type and practice. Our favorite bar-restaurant, culinary and event center hosted a fi­ve-course tasting menu by Executive Chef Richard Brosseau, Each course was paired with a selection of Upstate Brewing’s limited, seasonal and year-round beers. Sorry you missed it.

Thursday Burger & Brew

Over the summer months, a wide range of burgers or veggie burgers have been released in different weights, widths and sizes, as well as matching designs for a range of draft beers. Notable features of Burger and Brew  design include the termination of all strokes on exactly horizontal or vertical lines and unusually tight letter spacing, which give it a dense, compact appearance.

And that’s what goes down on Thursdays.

Two for Tuesday

Every Tuesday at Coltivare select draft beer is buy one, get one free. We have graphic theme going!