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Advertising is fundamentally persuasion and persuasion happens to be not a science, but an art. 


Our philosophy when coming up with an advertising campaign for your business is to simply communicate in the language of the people. We are strategic thinkers and innovative communicators.With each project, we always ask ourselves what message are you trying to get across and what is the simplest way for us to communicate it, while still staying in your budget?

Broadcast (TV/Radio) 

We can help with your broadcasting needs, from forming a strategy and message for your TV or radio advertisement, to designing and creating it. With the help of our partners, we can be your “one stop shop” for all of your advertising needs.


When we design, we believe that the message should be at the forefront, that truly good design should be invisible. What are you trying to convey? What is your position? That’s what our design should support.We believe in reducing the noise. Relying on design principles that have stood the test of time, we use the Swiss grid to organize information. It’s based on pi and golden rectangles and it takes into account how our eyes need something to focus on, how white space can sooth our image saturated minds. It’s a grand structure to build on. It makes sense; it’s the science behind the art. Check out more of our designs.


Digital advertising includes promotional advertisements and messages delivered through email, social media websites, online advertising on search engines, banner ads on mobile or Web sites and affiliates programs. We can help you form your digital advertising strategy and design advertisements best suited for your campaign.

Media Buying

Marketing is all about forming relationships. For over 20 years, Communique has worked with top media in the Finger Lakes Region. Let us help you find the best place for your advertisement.