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Public Relations

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.


Public relations (PR) is a tool you can use to communicate and build relationships with people and organizations that are important to your success. At its highest level, PR involves managing relationships and communications with people and organizations with which you have a relationship. At a more practical level, public relations offer a cost-effective tool for you to communicate with your target market. Most PR activities use local news type media, but you need to think in terms of target audiences and what needs to be said.

This goes beyond “just the facts” which are very important, of course, but so is honesty, transparency and accountability. Then mix it with a vibrant, positive message that brings the best possible light to frame your statement.

Media Relations 

Over the years, Communique has cultivated professional relationships with the Finger Lakes top media outlets. We know our journalists’ interests, making it easy to target our client’s news to the appropriate place. This creates a win for both the media and our clients.

Community Involvement 

One of our core assets at Communiqué is the level of integration into the Ithaca and Tompkins County community; from government and service groups to various corporate boards and leadership positions in nonprofit organizations. We are well networked and use this as a means to enhance the visibility of our clients. View our complete list of Communiqué’s community involvement.

Fundraising Development 

The keyword for fundraising is: Connections. With Communique’s community involvement comes lots and lots of connections. Let us help you get connected to the right stakeholders for your fundraising needs. We’ll help you strategize your fundraising plan along the way.