Why Branding

Communiqué builds brands that intertwine all of the key elements of a brands identity. Our brand design works to inspire and capture the eyes of consumers and business alike. In today’s world, branding is everything. Branding is critical for a business due to the massive impact it has on your company. Branding can change how people view your brand, it can drive new business and increase brand awareness. It gives your business recognition, increases business value, generates new customers, supports advertising and builds trust between the consumer and business.

Our Brands

Great brands don’t just happen overnight—they are strategically formed. Here at Communiqué, we build brands that touch the heart, inspire the head, and capture the eye. Building a unique, beautiful and effective brand requires research, strategy and a whole lot of creativity. Our branding and design team will work day and night with you to create whatever it is you need because brands are more than just a logo. Brands tell your most important story to the people who matter most, ideally your target audience. The story you tell through your brand is the story that will be recognized by consumers, so it’s important to nail it and make it memorable for the right reasons. We will use the right color to evoke the right emotions, the right shape to build the ideal image, and the right wording to convey the perfect message.

Marketing vs. Branding

Marketing is what you do to sell your brand at face value, but branding is what makes that strategy memorable and impactful. A brand is your company’s most powerful tool and you have total control over what you convey and how you convey it. Branding converts a customer from just a buyer to a loyal follower. Where marketing is tactical, branding is strategic.

What You’ll Get

At Communiqué, we have many years of experience developing brands and working with clients to create the perfect image. We know what works and what doesn’t. We make sure to understand the company inside and out so that we can identify and position them to look, feel, and act accordingly. Our branding packages include a new logo, collateral, iconography, and a brand standards manual handcrafted by our brand design team. Need to redesign your brand or make a new logo? We’re here for you. Let us create a strategic brand that is timeless, noticeable, and consistent for your company. View our previous work here.

Let's Get Started

At Communiqué Design & Marketing, we’re all about contact. From getting in contact with our community and to contacting with our clients, we want to hear from you. If your company or organization is curious to see what the creative team at Communiqué would do to get you noticed, contact us!
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