Social Media Evaluation

Social Media is a major component of digital marketing, but it can be difficult to know where to begin or how to implement a longstanding strategy. Whether you have been using social media to tell your brand’s story or are just beginning to use it, conducting a social media evaluation is an important part of updating or implementing an effective social media strategy. An evaluation will help you to identify what is and is not working while also identifying outdated profiles and new social engagement opportunities.

Communiqué offers an in-depth analysis of all of your social media platforms and will propose ways in which you can maximize your brand’s digital reach.

Charitable Giving

Giving back to your community is important, but it can be tricky identifying the causes that align with your organization. There are so many important causes, but are your donations having the greatest amount of impact possible? Do they align with your organization’s mission and values?

No business wants to say no or decide which causes to stop donating to, that’s where we come in. Communiqué will take a critical look at your current outreach strategy and the causes that mean the most to you to determine more effective ways for you to give more, by saving money.

Brand Evaluation

A cohesive and identifiable brand is essential for any business, big or small. A brand should remain consistent throughout every aspect of a business, which can be enforced via brand standards. When branding is consistent, brand awareness and business value increases. Branding supports advertising, creates trust within the marketplace, and even improves employee pride and satisfaction.

Communiqué will take an objective look at your current brand strategy and will evaluate its overall effectiveness. We will propose ways in which you can reach the most amount of people through digital and print strategies.

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