Marketing Consultation

At Communiqué, marketing consultation is at the core of taking your big idea and putting it to work. By digging deeper into the current communication and market trends of your industry, we make your marketing dream into a reality! We have been in business for 25+ years specializing as a marketing company in Ithaca. All of us here believe that with time comes experience. Our exposure to different industries and businesses has diversified our knowledge of marketing for different businesses. Our strategies will work to get you results while simultaneously increasing your bottom line and moving your organization forward. With our marketing consultation, you and your business will be exposed to our strategic business consulting process which includes analyzing your current communications and market trends. We take the knowledge you pass along as well as your big ideas and put them to work creating marketing plans that will get you results.

How We Do It

Our consultation methods are simple but effective. At the core of understanding what our clients need is simply listening. We take the time to hear your thoughts, ideas, and concerns regarding your marketing goals to better understand how to help you reach your goals. After listening, we deploy planning and marketing strategies to make your idea come to life. Our integrated marketing communications approach to creating marketing plans creates a unified method reaching your audience. By unifying your messages, you will see the same message reach prospect across all of the platforms you use to reach your target audience. Whether it’s using Twitter, Facebook, your website, print ads, radio spots, the networking mixer, or television commercial, the messages will be cohesive. The best ideas start with a well-informed strategy. Understanding your goals, objectives, opportunities, and threats are crucial to making your marketing plan work. At Communiqué, we immerse ourselves into your business to learn everything we can about you and your target audience to help get the most of your marketing strategies and plan. At the end of the day, we examine your strengths, position in the market, and budget to make your marketing dreams come true.

Marketing Research and Focus Groups

Marketing research is something that Communiqué prides itself on. As a firm that values learning about new businesses and markets, we see marketing research as the foundation for creating a successful marketing plan. Before we begin to give you recommendations, Communiqué will research everything we need to know about your business and specific industry in order to give well-informed marketing recommendations about the path your business should take. After we understand more about you and your industry, we move into more qualitative research methods. Qualitative research works to better understand the opinions, attitudes, and motivations of consumers within your target audience. By using research tools such as focus groups and in-depth interviews, we look to provide better insight into what consumers are looking for. Having a grasp on more than just the numbers is crucial to creating a successful marketing plan and our qualitative methods work to create a more consumer-centered plan. We will work with you in order to identify your research objectives, strategic questions and any key participants for the study. At Communiqué, we take getting to know you seriously. Contact us today to learn more about how our marketing consultants can help you!

Let's Get Started

At Communiqué Design & Marketing, we’re all about contact. From getting in contact with our community and to contacting with our clients, we want to hear from you. If your company or organization is curious to see what the creative team at Communiqué would do to get you noticed, contact us!
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