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Today, an organization’s website gives that all important first impression. Nearly 80% of people now check an organization’s website before phoning, visiting, or otherwise contacting. For most organizations, the website says more about your business than any other media and more than can be said by any person. Its appearance and message are critical.

Your website helps to define your business, services, and culture, and the right brand identity can help solidify your business in customers’ minds. This identity includes colors, design, font, images, and icons—as well as messages and positioning—to convey the personality of your business.


Our creative designers will take your brand identity and seamlessly translate it to a fully-realized web presence. We’ll begin with style tiles to tell the visual story and sitemap to manage the navigation for the development of your company website. From here we can help build wireframes to dig even deeper into this visual representation of your brand.

Mobile Optimization

The days of people engaging with websites exclusively on a desktop are over. Mobile optimization is a must. Responsive design allows your website to look great and operate flawlessly on every device from desktop to mobile. It is one of the most vital features of a website since 88% of users who search for a local business on a mobile device call or go to that business within 24 hours. The more planning and development put into making a website responsive, the more likely it is to look great on all devices that your users visit and search with.

Effortless Implementation

Websites have not only become important for a company, but crucial for its mere existence. Well-designed websites are easy for consumers to use. However, creating a simple and well-designed website takes a lot of strategy and planning. It is not easy. It takes expertise and experience. That’s where Communiqué comes in. Let us help you plan, perfect, and launch your website.

At Communiqué, we will take your brand identity and translate it effortlessly into a fully optimized web presence. From visually telling your brand’s story to managing the navigation of the development of your company’s web design, Communiqué will make the process streamlined. Website design is more than optimizing your presence on a desktop. Mobile is more critical than ever. Through strategic planning, Communiqué will help you develop a well-designed website that is easy for consumers to use on any device.

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